To be faithful to its priorities “Caspian CRYSTAL” strives to collaborate and cooperates with the best European manufacturers.

Today “Caspian Crystal” company means high quality foodstuff and beverages from the best European food factories and wineries.

“Caspian Crystal” company offers an enormous choice of an elite alcoholic beverages from the European best wineries: collection wines from GCF( France), RIEDEL ( Austria),exquisite cognacs from Lognag Lheraud ( France), calvados and ciders from DomaineDupont ( France).There is also a big assortment of non-alcoholic beverages  from the popular European manufacturers – TY NANT(UK), Surgiva( Italy).

Besides that , “Caspian Crystal “ company  provides an opportunity for you to establish your own “ wine cellar” both in your office and at home. We are thankful for that to the famous French company “ Euro Cave” which is producing the unique wine cellars.


“Caspian Crystal” company   delivers ecologically pure and GMO-free products to Azerbaijan. Assortment of imported goods includes seafood( fresh and frozen) from Norway Royal Salmon(Norway), Gulf seafood( UAE),Arti Seafood(Denmark), Seafood line(Denmark) , dairy and meat products( beef, chicken and pork) from La Provencale(Luxembourg),fruit  and vegetables from  Lamb Weston (Netherlands) , sausages from Veroni ( Italy) and   etc. We are the only company to offer products with compliance certificates of European Union. Full assortment of various products directly supplied by best European food factories enables us to fulfill our customers’ wishes.

“Caspian Crystal” company regularly conducts trainings, degustation of various products together with foreign partners. Annually “Caspian Crystal” company  participates  in world-wide and famous exhibitions for the enlargement of the business relations and  introducing  company in the world.