«The competent personnel are considered as a guarantee of rapid growth of any organisation, and shortage of those – slows down business development».
Being guided by this thesis the «Caspian Crystal» company pays special attention to selection of personnel and creation of all necessary conditions for their further growth and development.
The applicant for the work should know 7 main principles of the «Caspian Crystal» company:
¨ Professional relation to work, aiming at result, instead of process;
¨ Planning and work control at all stages;
¨ Delicate relation to clients, providing a high level of service;
¨ Positive relation to fellow workers, maintenance of command, corporate spirit in collective;
¨ Initiative and perspective thinking;
¨ Desire for training, and also to professional and personal development;
¨ Respect principles of the company and follow them.

The «Caspian Crystal» company declares a recruitment on following vacancies: